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Lab Managers and doctoral students in music education, and neuroimaging science, prepare a volunteer during the intensive training summer workshop for Ioanna Fillipiddi a doctoral student who has come to the lab from the UK to learn fMRI network neuroimaging techniques for music and brain science. Matt Hill, lab manager for JSNN's clean room and MRI assistant operator assists.

Summer 2016 

Ioanna and Chelsea preparing for fMRI data collection.  Ioanna is collecting data for her doctoral research.

Sebastian and Dillon work on understandingnet magnetization and dephasing of spins in functional magnetic resonance imaging using the physics of MRI taught by Dr. Robert A.  Kraft, MRI physicist for the lab from Wake Forest University Baptist Medical Center.

Winners Sebastian Sanchez Avery Sanov and Bethany Sanov for their NetSci brain connectivity research.

Grace Vu, NetSci student at NC State University. Grace is a violist (viola) and is interested in the effects of musical training and has been with the lab for two years. She is majoring in computer science.

Avery Sanov, NetSci student and violinist. Avery examines the  network-based effects of ambient neutral music stimuli compared to resting state brain networks. Avery has been with the lab for three years

Bethany Sanov, Violinist and NetSci student, examines the effects of music listening on brain networks related to emotion.  Bethany has been working on brain research for two years.

Chelsea Joyce, is a graduate of UNCG in science education. As a graduate of the summer intensive workshop and science teacher for Guilford County Schools, she is the NetSci teacher assistant. She has been with the lab since 2014.

Sahana Giridharan, pianist and flutist examines network-based effects of music on the brain and memory related systems. Her work has been presented for MIT Inpsire and at the NC Jr. Science and Humanities Symposium and the Guilford College Undergraduate Research Symposium. Sahana is a Junior at the Early College at Guilford and has been with the lab for one year and plans to become a neurosurgeon.

 Doctoral student. She has presented lab research at the University of North Carolina Research Expo and at High Point University. She currently serves as adjunct band director for High Point University and was formally a middle school band director in South Georgia.

Sesbastian Sanchez, Avery Sanov and Bethany Sanov present their brain networks research at the NC state science fair at Meredith College April 2017.

Shelby Joyce,  violinist and summer intensive workshop and NetSci student, examines the effects of music listening on depression and anxiety. Shelby has been with the lab for three years and is currently at UNCG.

Lauren Overton, NetSci student from UNCH. Lauren is a clarinetist and NetSci student for two years with the lab.

Dillon R. summer intensive workshop and NetSci student form UNCH majoring in computer science and neuroscience minor. Dillons interests are in data proessing techniques for brain imaging science

Bethany, Avery, and Sebastian present their award winning  brain connectivity research at the NC State Science Fair at Meredith College in 2017.

Pete and Margaret Wheadon and Cat Shaw work on learning how to operate our 3 T Siemens Tim Trio Scanner for data collection and the experimental techniques for acquiring fMRI data. Pete and Margaret are also graduate students in Health and Human Sciences with Drs.,Margaret Swingler and Susan Caulkins, HHS.

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